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Our strategy

Digital in healthcare and interoperability, at the heart of the projects and innovations of the Equasens Group

The Equasens Group assists healthcare professionals in the transformation of their businesses.

The state of play in healthcare is comparable regardless of the European country considered: healthcare crisis, greying populations and the increased need for care, the emergence of new missions, digitalised healthcare, digitalisation of the care experience, local regulations, more stringent patient requirements, profitability and performance targets, new requirements in terms of safety, etc. The healthcare system is undergoing profound change, with a key challenge to address: ensuring coordination, continuity and traceability of the healthcare experience to ensure greater efficiency of the care system. Addressing the challenges of this change involves the creation of new services, particularly in e-healthcare.

Today we can facilitate exchanges between Healthcare Professionals, we can optimise the monitoring of patient medical coverage thanks to innovative solutions, sharing health data securely, we assist elderly patients so that they can live longer at home, in better health and with greater autonomy, thanks to smart, secure solutions that are easy to use, and adapted to their specific environments.

Chief Executive Officer of Equasens

Each patient regularly meets many healthcare professionals and paramedical staff, in different locations, in pharmacies, medical or paramedical practices, at home, in hospitals and even in retirement homes.

Optimum interaction between healthcare professionals is essential : to ensure the security of deliveries and to promote observance, to facilitate exchanges of healthcare data and analysis, but also to streamline access to care, vaccination and prevention, to avoid interruption in patient coverage, difficulties in keeping patients at home or to avoid or put off resorting to emergency care or hospitalisation.

To simply enhance the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Our commitment is to serve players in the healthcare system with more technologies, be they patients, healthcare professionals, users, clients, partners or employees. A promise that our teams deliver on every day by committing to public health programmes, fostering exchanges between players in the system, offering users and patients exclusive solutions within a scalable and secure framework.

Grégoire de Rotalier
Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Equasens

PandaLab : a comprehensive ecosystem

PandaLab covers a full range of software and services for healthcare professionals, care establishments and patients. Its goal is to promote exchange and better coordination among healthcare players. PandaLab is an open ecosystem which addresses the following challenges: promoting access to care, enhancing patient coverage at each stage of their experience, strengthening coordination between all players, notably out-patient care and hospital care and fostering prevention.

These services are brought together under the PandaLab brand, including:

  • a patient application: PandaLab Ma santé
  • an interprofessional instant messaging service: PandaLab Pro,
  • a secure intermediation platform facilitates interoperability of all healthcare applications with each other. PandaLab Hub