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Designer and manufacturer of devices and smart electronic solutions for healthcare professionals and patients

The E-connect division designs, develops, manufactures and operates smart connect and secure equipment for publishers of professional software, healthcare professionals and equipment for patients and the well-being of the dependent.

A global offering

Full control of all of the production and operating chain Design of connected terminals and objects, development of embedded applications and algorithms, implementation of secure infrastructures for the management of terminals and services, industrialisation and operation are all areas of business in which the engineers of the E-connect division are expert.

Environmental and societal responsibility All of our products are manufactured in France. Right form the development and industrialisation of our solutions, we do our utmost to favour short circuits and a local presence for our production and logistics centre to reduce the carbon footprint of our productions.

The e-Connect Division designs, develops, produces and operates connected, intelligent and secure equipment for business software publishers, professionals in healthcare establishments and equipment for patients and the well-being of dependent people.

e-Connect Divisional Manager

115 000
Healthcare professionals
equipped with our solutions
million euros
in revenue in 2022
Revenue from Services
Product revenue

Our businesses and our companies


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