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Medical Soft

Expert in Electronic Patient Records and management of practices and nursing homes.

The Médical Soft division covers the essential tools for the organisation of patient care for general practitioners, specialists and para-medical providers.

A global offering

MédiStory is the division’s flagship application enabling efficient patient coverage while also facilitating medical diagnosis.

The Mac-based leader in medical practice management software for more than 30 years, MédiStory assists more than 15,000 users at their practices or remotely.

Faster to adopt, easier to use, better for sharing, simpler to structure, with MédiStory you can spend more time with your patients. The MédiStory offering breaks down into several services :

  • The patient file
  • The library
  • The medical toolbox
  • Digital transmission
  • Billing

Médical Soft assists doctors and paramedical staff by combining medical efficiency with regulatory efficiency while also promoting coordinated care.

Dominique Goursaud Divisional Manager at Médical Soft
13 000
million euros in revenue in 2021
de CA en 2021

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Prokov Editions, troisième acteur du marché de l’édition de logiciels médecin en France. Prokov Editions équipe en logiciels 13.000 utilisateurs médecins libéraux généralistes et spécialistes. Il est leader de l’édition de logiciels médicaux sur Mac, mais également sur iPhone et iPad pour un travail en pleine mobilité.