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Medical Solutions

Expert in Electronic Patient Records and management of practices and nursing homes.

The MEDICAL SOLUTIONS division covers the essential tools for the organisation of patient care for general practitioners, specialists and para-medical providers.

A global offering

MédiStory is the division’s flagship application enabling efficient patient coverage while also facilitating medical diagnosis.

The Mac-based leader in medical practice management software for more than 30 years, MédiStory assists more than 15,000 users at their practices or remotely.

Faster to adopt, easier to use, better for sharing, simpler to structure, with MédiStory you can spend more time with your patients. The MédiStory offering breaks down into several services :

  • The patient file
  • The library
  • The medical toolbox
  • Digital transmission
  • Billing

MEDILINK, unique software for nursing homes and multidisciplinary group practices ! Available on PC and MAC and also accessible with an app and add-on module (MEDILINK App), from your tablet or smartphone (Google Play or Apple Store) to access to the data in your patients’ files and your diary. In your multidisciplinary structure or in patients’ homes, benefit from the essential functions for managing medical records wherever you are thanks to MEDILINK.

The Medical Solutions division make the values and experience of the Equasens Group available for doctors, specialists and paramedics . In front of current challenges, we help healthcare professionals achieve their goals.

Dominique GOURSAUD
Divisional Manager at Medical Solution
13 000
million euros
in revenue in 2022

Our businesses and our companies


ICT Solutions joined MEDICAL SOLUTIONS in 2023, representing the general practitioners sector with MEDILINK solutions (software and applications for nursing homes and professional regional healthcare communities (CPTS) and INFILINK (management applications for independent nurses – IDEL).


Prokov Editions, third ranking player in medical software publishing in France. Prokov Editions provides software solutions to 13,000 independent specialist and general practitioners. It is the leader for Mac-based medical software which is also available on iPhone and iPad for fully mobile work.


Publisher of management software for medical and paramedical professionals, with expertise in “regulatory” integrations such as the management of teletransmissions. Pratilog develops specific business software, such as Médi Pratik for general practitioners and independent specialists but also for specialist doctors in hospitals with independent practices, Infi Pratik for independent nurses and Kiné Pratik for massage […]


Speech2Sense, a French start-up with expertise in voice technology and mobile solutions for the healthcare sector. Born of five years of R&D, it combines voice recognition technology and Automatic Natural Language Processing. With algorithms developed with the latest academic breakthroughs, the Speech2Sense technology can understand short sentences, without verbs, even when destructured, with specific medical […]