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Expert in healthcare IT solutions in Europe

Founded more than 35 years ago, the Equasens group is expert in professional software solutions for healthcare professionals and establishments.

Equasens is also active in the development of electronic equipment as well as digital and robotic healthcare solutions, and in funding.

At present, Equasens provides its solutions to all forms of healthcare establishments – retirement homes, hospital, nursing homes, home hospital care, professional regional healthcare communities, MSPs – and independent healthcare professionals such as pharmacists, doctors and nurses.

As well as these activities, the group is also specialised in interoperability solutions to enhance coordination among healthcare professionals and patient data exchanges.

The Equasens group is the leading publisher of healthcare software in terms of market share and business areas covered.

Acteur structurant de l’offre de soins et de la coordination ville-hôpital, le Groupe est présent en France, Italie, Allemagne, Espagne, Portugal, Belgique, Luxembourg, Irlande et au Royaume-Uni.

of which one-third in R&D
million euros
in revenue in 2022 (+10.88% versus 2021)
countries in Europ
including 4 in pharmacy management software

The management team

Directeur Général, Administrateur
Directeur Général Délégué / Directeur de la Division Pharmagest
de ROTALIER Grégoire
Directeur Général Délégué / Directeur de la Division Axigate Link
SCHMIDT Frédérique
Directrice Administrative et Financière
GHARBI Sabrina
Directrice Ressources Humaines
Directrice de la Communication Groupe EQUASENS
Directeur de la Division e-Connect
LAFON Nicolas
Directeur de la Division FINTECH
GOURSAUD Dominique
Directeur de la Division Medical Solutions

The Group is currently the leader for healthcare IT solutions in Europe. For more than 10 years now, we have moved beyond the pharmacy scope and we provide IT solutions to all healthcare professionals in France, and tomorrow, Europe. The new name and our new visual identify embody the dynamics of our Group: being a multi-service healthcare provider leveraging our purpose of permanent analysis of the ever-changing professions we serve, anticipating and developing ever-more interoperable high value-added services to the Healthcare system.

Providing the right information, to the right carer, at the right time, for the right patient.

Thierry Chapusot
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Equasens group

The Welcoop Cooperative

Equasens is a subsidiary of the Welcoop Cooperative. The Welcoop Cooperative, a cooperative of 4,000 pharmacies, offers numerous solutions to assist pharmacists, healthcare professionals and their patients.

The Welcoop Cooperative brings together a generic medicine laboratory (Cristers) and a well-being and natural health product laboratory (Laboratoire Marque Verte), a parallel import company (PharmaLab), a pharmaceutical dispensary grouping (Objectif Pharma) and its two banners (Anton & Willem and WellPharma) and three services companies specialised in logistics (WelCoop Logistique), home hospital care (D Medica), and in Information and Technology (Equasens Group).

Just like the Welcoop Cooperative, Equasens brings together employees united with a common identity: “citizens of healthcare and well being”.

These citizens epitomise our four values: Expertise, Proximity, Anticipation and Optimism. The spirit of the cooperative movement is, by definition, a spirit of sharing, striving for the common good. Our values are the guiding principles of our actions, lending meaning to our projects, which enrich each initiative and each professional act.

They are the cement of all our relationships, internal and external.