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Axigate Link

European expert in software and applications for medico-social, health and multi-disciplinary establishments

The Axigate LINK division works daily to develop software and applications to facilitate the coverage of each resident/patient/user, either on an out-patient, or in-patient basis.

Our mission: assisting structures, carers, professionals in the medico-social and healthcare sector in the digital transformation of their healthcare solutions in line with their needs and co-built with them, via a human approach based on trust.

Driven by Malta Informatique, publisher of benchmark TITAN and TITANLINK software for retirement homes, the Axigate Link division today covers all of the healthcare and medico-social scope with HOSPILINK in hospitals; DOMILINK for home hospital care and home nursing care; MEDILINK for nursing homes and professional regional healthcare communities (CPTS). A rich and varied offering, currently complemented by unique and innovative applications: PandaLab Pro (instant messaging), CARELIB (fall alerts and patient monitoring) and also ETPLINK (therapeutic education and outpatient care).

A global offering

Axigate develops software and professional business applications with one ambition: to connect all healthcare professionals with each other and with their patients/users.

The division offers innovative, interoperable and integrated solutions to:

  • Facilitate the coordination and healthcare coverage of each patient
  • Simplify exchanges between establishments and healthcare professionals
  • Protect healthcare data

Each of the division’s software solution and professional applications integrates the PandaLab Pro instant messaging service, facilitating communication between healthcare professionals and digital users.

With a headcount of 220 employees and a multi-disciplinary offering, Axigate Link has reinvented digital healthcare with a modern approach to professional applications. A European-wide vision with the roll-out of our multi-lingual TITANLINK software to nursing homes in Belgium and, short term, to the UK

Grégoire de ROTALIER
Deputy CEO of Equasens
Axigate Link Divisional Manager
million euros
in revenue in 2022
countries in Europe

Our businesses and our companies


Based in Paris and at the core of the division since 2017, Axigate offers new-generation full- web Electronic Patient Records (EPR) for hospitals and specialist establishments (acute care and rehabilitation, psychiatric care centres, etc.). Its 100% customisable and flexible interface enables HOSPILINK to equip regional hospital groupings and to become an essential solution in the […]


Having integrated the division in 2016 following its acquisition by Malta Informatique, Dicsit Informatique publishes, from its Welcoop Campus in Villers-les-Nancy, web-based business solutions for professionals in home-based hospital care (HAD), home nursing care (SSIAD) and local information and coordination centres (CLIC). It is the leader in the home hospital care sector with its DOMILINK […]


As the first stage of internationalisation of the solutions of the division, Malta Belgium (formerly Care Solutions) integrated Axigate Link in early 2020 and is specialised in the development of software solutions for nursing homes in Belgium.


Since 2020, the secure instant messaging application PandaLab Pro enriches the offering of the division, becoming the essential messaging service for all of the professional software solutions.


The Telemedicine business is specialised in AI with its CARELIB solutions for retirement homes (patient calls and fall detection), e-nephro (specialised software for the follow-up of patients undergoing dialysis) and ETP LINK (therapeutic eduction and out-patient care).


Malta Informatique is the publisher of software and professional applications TITAN and TITANLINK equipping more than 2,300 retirement homes, residential care homes, nursing homes and outpatient facilities. Malta Informatique is the pillar of the Axigate Link Division with cross-disciplinary teams, recognised expertise and 20 years experience in computerised healthcare.


CAREMEDS is a software for pharmacies and care homes to manage and monitor the administration of treatments. The CAREMEDS web portal ensures the traceability of distribution within establishments and inventory monitoring. From the software, pharmacies can prepare pill boxes, edit treatment administration sheets and personalize the covers of multimeds pill boxes. In association with CAREMEDS […]