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Value creation

For patients, our goals are to improve treatment compliance, promote autonomy through preventive measures (“securing the home”), extend their life expectancy in the comfort of a home environment, streamline the care pathway, contribute to research and recovery and give them control over their own data.

For the government and public health the top priorities are efficiency and effectiveness. Medication compliance and a safer home environment produces savings which contribute to a more efficient and effective healthcare system. Adopting solutions to reduce the impact of low physician density and maintain the presence of rural pharmacies that exercise a central role in coordinating healthcare, promoting research and supporting the path to recovery.

For healthcare professionals and establishments, we are contributing to the transformation of the pharmacy’s business model by providing tools, data and solutions designed to improve patient care. Coordinating information between primary care providers and hospitals. The expertise represented by the pharmacy network is a source of value-added differentiation for the pharmacist.

A responsible employer and corporate citizen

Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Gender equality action plan

Convinced that gender balance and diversity contribute to synergies, workplace performance and economic efficiency, we have implemented a gender equality action plan providing for medium-term objectives and results. This plan covers access to employment, training, compensation and career development, work-life balance and professional mobility.

  • Disability

Equasens Group remains committed to implementing the measures introduced by AGEFIPH (the French Association for the Management of Funds for the Professional Integration of People with Disabilities) and the Occupational Health authorities designed to promote the employment and integration of people with disabilities. These measures are designed to better adapt the configuration of workstations to the needs of disabled employees.

Equasens is currently pursuing a comprehensive project to audit the company, conduct an exhaustive review, propose action plans to raise awareness, recruit, train and adapt workstations, and formalize the basis for a company-wide agreement proposing concrete measures to implement a genuine “disability” policy throughout the Group.

Health and safety

  • Employee health and well-being

Convinced of the benefits of sports in the workplace to counter the effects of sedentary lifestyles, promote well-being at work and strengthen cohesion, Equasens Group’s new headquarters provided for space reserved for a gym for employees. The management of this gym (via group classes geared towards sports and well-being) was entrusted to an internal sports association, WELSPORT, staffed by motivated employee volunteers.

  • Employee safety

All our activities have fully integrated an employee health and safety policy that has been in place for several years. It ensures that all are aware of the importance of prevention and safety measures.

As part of this policy, since 2015 Equasens Group has been constantly improving its Occupational Health and Safety Management System. To support this policy, a security steering committee meets quarterly. Its members include security managers of the Group’s subsidiaries and outside experts assisting the Group in this area.

Ethics & Corruption

  • Anti-corruption measures

Our ethical conduct policy is designed to ensure full compliance with the laws applicable to our business activities, and to combat all forms of corruption. Anti-corruption measures are applied by Equasens Group, a subsidiary of La Coopérative Welcoop. Reflecting this commitment, a code of conduct has been introduced accompanied by whistleblowing procedures. Please contact one of the Group’s “Ethics Officer ” at if you have any questions or report your concerns using the Group’s dedicated e-mail address:

  • Reporting incidents of harassment

Equasens Group seeks to foster a culture of respect and well-being for all. We believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to develop their full potential within a healthy and pleasant working environment. To prevent potential incidents involving moral or sexual harassment, the Human Resources department is there to assist employees.

Two persons have been specifically appointed to assist employees and receive reports of incidents of harassment within the company. Their role is to assist and advise any employee who requests their intervention. The occupational physician, a partner of the company, though bound by medical secrecy, is also able to intervene. Lastly, any harassment coordinators who receive a complaint are required to maintain the utmost discretion in order to protect the confidentiality and personal well-being of the employees concerned.


Reflecting its market position as a digital company, Equasens Group seeks to set an example in the area of cybersecurity. On this basis, it has deployed three fully separate architectures: one for its internal needs, one for its customer offerings (management operations), and one for the customers of its personal health data hosting services. Each architecture has its own proven security features. Services are hosted on two sites in separate locations and on servers with redundancy. EQUASENS Group is equipped with a business continuity plan, a data backup and storage plan, as well as a business recovery plan for critical services.

GDPR : General Data Protection Regulation

In response to the challenges of protecting personal data, Equasens Group has established a data protection compliance system, managed by the DPO (Data Protection Officer). In addition to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, Equasens Group’s data protection approach seeks to ensure that data complaints are effectively handled, guarantee the quality of the processing of these complaints and report incidents of personal data breaches to a relevant supervisory body such as the CNIL in France. You have a right to access, rectify or delete your personal data. You also have a right to data portability and a right to restrict the processing of your data (see for more information on your rights).

Please contact the DPO if you would like to exercise these rights or if you have any questions about the processing of your data under this system :

The environment

Circular economy

The Group has implemented a process to recover computer hardware from customers at the end of their contracts. As a result, IT equipment represents the primary type of waste generated by the Group’s activities, other than ordinary industrial waste. A portion of the equipment recovered can be repaired in the after-sale services phase, be reused by the Group’s factory partners or sold to brokers for reuse. The portion that is not fed into the recycling sector is earmarked for destruction by service providers specialising in the disposal of WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electronic Equipment).

Eco-design and products made in France

KAPELSE, an Equasens Group company, reflecting its core values, has adopted a “Made in France” policy for the manufacture of its solutions. This is because local manufacturing optimizes our carbon footprint while providing a guarantee of quality manufacturing (unit testing of solutions).

This local manufacturing approach also means that KAPELSE is able to respond more quickly to user requests for upgrades.

And because a commitment to promoting well-being also means respecting the environment, KAPELSE strives to design and manufacture environment-friendly solutions:

  • Optimized recycling : EU RoHS and Reach solutions with no glue or screws, no paint, packed in recyclable cardboard
  • Made in France for an optimized carbon footprint
  • Daily progress in implementing its “paperless” policy: online manuals and software drivers embedded in solutions (no CDs)

Reflecting Pharmagest’s ambitious and proactive Green IT strategy, it is rolling out an end-of-life management system for its products designed to ensure maximum re-use rates for sustainable IT.

Pharmagest and its customers are required to recycle approximately 10,000 disconnected machines per year ranging from departmental servers to backup devices, not forgetting thousands of PCs and workstations.

In this task, it is assisted by IRATY Diffusion, a pioneer in refurbished IT, able to guarantee a global and optimised approach to promoting the re-use of IT equipment.

In 2022, Pharmagest successfully extended the lifespan of its entire inventory of IT equipment, with:  

To effectively analyse the environmental impact of a computer, it is necessary to take into account its entire life cycle.

This process covers the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, transport, marketing, the operating phase and the end-of-life. In 2022, Pharmagest ‘s carbon footprint savings amounted to 𝟭 𝟲𝟱𝟭 𝟬𝟮𝟬 𝗞𝗴 of 𝗖𝗢𝟮𝗲𝗾.